Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Deployment Murphy law number #2.... or how I almost killed the weed wacker

Murphy's law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and boy on monday afternoon it did go wrong. VERY WRONG!

Let me start off by say I HATE doing yard work. My hate for yard work started at an early age since one of my chores was to mow the yard on the ranch I grew up on. I had to mow probably at least half an acre with a push mower. So needless to say yard work and I don't get along too well. On monday it was no different. 

Being a good wife of a deployed sailor is hard. You have to do things you REALLY HATE doing, things like using the weed wacker. So monday afternoon I took my happy butt out to the backyard to do the yard work that my husband normally does. If you could have only seen me dear readers. There I was talking to myself, Ok Willow you can do this, its easy. Easy? Haha NOT! I must have pulled on that damn string to try start it 45 minutes. It would start for like 5 seconds then turn off. I for real wanted to kill it. I wanted to bring it above my head and hit the ground with it and scream, START YOU PIECE OF SHIT!! I of course didn't because my husband would hate me for that. Instead I sat in the middle of the back yard crying my eyes out. So far during this deployment I haven't really cried alot, but on monday I did. I then decided to email my husband and tell him all about it, 

I have tried for what seems forever to start that damn weed wacker and you know what? IT WON'T FUCKING START!!! Correction it will start but for half a second but after that NOTHING. OH AND THE FUCKING LAWN MOWER WON'T START AGAIN!!  I have had enough!! I freaking sat in the middle of the backyard and had a mini meltdown.
 I am taking the mower to Home Depot to have them look at it since its still under warranty and then I am going to workout.
The man was smart and didn't really say anything about it. He just knows when to just let me scream and yell at him LOL

So after everything I didn't get the weed wacker to start but I am ok with that cause I hate using it.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Spouse Experience

So this past saturday I went to an event hosted by and spouse buzz called Spouse Experience and it was AMAZING!! The people I met were amazing and I learned so much. 

Before it all started though I told myself that I was going to make myself get out of my comfort zone a little and not be around any of my friends that I knew were going and I was going to sit with people I didn't know at all. I don't know about you dear reader but when I go to an event or even an FRG meeting I tend to stick around the people I know because I feel safe. This deployment I told myself I wasn't going to do that, I was going to get out of the safe box and do things I didn't really like to do. You know what? IT WAS AWESOME!! I met some amazing ladies and we talked about how silly our husbands are and how we like to shoe shop just a little too much lol. My kind of girls

After meeting the girls at my table the fun started! 

Jacey Eckhart talking about using the deployment card

To open the day up one of my favorite bloggers, Jacey Eckhart talked about using the deployment card. The whole room was rolling with laughter because I am sure each and every one of us at one point in time have used the deployment card. Now I know people would say, now Willow you shouldn't use the deployment card because people will know your husband is gone. I know its not always the safest thing to do but sometimes you have to pull out that deployment card, like when you find yourself crying in the middle of Target lol

honey badger don't care

Now I don't know about you but when my husband and I fight we sometimes one up each other on who can be louder or angrier. I learned that this is known as being the honey badger. We have all done it. Our service member says something mean and then we come back with something even meaner and it just goes up and up and then Willow is slamming doors and crying. They key to NOT being the honey badger is to think before you open your big fat mouth lol or else the crazy honey badger comes out and takes what it wants. So remember friends, Don't be the honey badger. 

I had so much fun this past weekend meeting some amazing people and learning things. I laughed a lot and cried some and over all had an amazing time.. One of the best parts, I got to meet one of my favorite military bloggers, Jacey Eckhart.

Me and Jacey 

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