Monday, September 30, 2013

Proud Military Spouse

As military spouses we go through a lot. Separation from our family, moving at a moments notice,  days, weeks and sometimes months of our significant other being gone on trainings and Deployments. The one thing though that nothing and no one can take away from any of us is our love and support that we have for our service member. Many of us show this support in many ways. Sometimes its just letting our service member know that they are loved by us. Other ways are by a sticker on our car or fridge saying, I  my______. I myself have a magnet on my fridge that I see right now that says, I  my Sailor. I also MANY shirts that say NAVY on them, shirts supporting the ship my husband is on and I also have 2 pairs of PT sweat pants. We all show our support differently, that is what is great about being apart of a HUGE military community.

As of late though there are many people out there in real life, on facebook and twitter that make fun of military spouses that wear shirts and have purses and other things like that that support the military community. What makes it even worst is that many of the people that are making fun of others are military spouses themselves. In the world of instant messaging, Facebook, twitter and smart phones, its very easy to become the bully. Its easy because you have no face to face consequences. You don't see the person crying because you upset them. You don't see that your words on a screen have a lot more meaning then you probably meant them to be.  Its sad that many military spouses break each other down instead of lifting each other up.

I do admit that I have made fun of other military spouses. I do admit that I have "liked" the pages that do nothing but make fun of the things other military spouses say, do and wear and I feel bad about it. I however  NEVER have and NEVER will make fun of those that want to wear a shirt that supports the military or a specific branch of the military.

Many of you might say to me, Well you need to remember about OPSEC and PERSEC because you don't know who is out there or who is going to follow you because you are wearing something that screams military wife. I by no means deny that as MILSOs we need to be vigilant about what is going on around us and what we say and do around people that we don't know. There are many people out there that would love nothing more then to hurt the United States by doing something to a military members family member. However there comes a point when you just have to let others be themselves even if you don't agree with what they say and do.

I proudly support my husband and all that he has done for this country in the past 12 years he has been in the Navy. I will continue to show my support by telling him he is loved and that I will go along with whatever he wants to do in the Navy. I will also show my support for him and my other family members who are and were in the military by wearing T-shirts, pants and whatever else I want.

In the end I am responsible for me, no one else is. I will go on being a proud Navy wife, Air Force cousin, and Army daughter and grand daughter.

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