Thursday, May 29, 2014

College, Job, family

As a Navy wife I have moved clear across this country because the Navy says  to my husband, you are going to move here and do your job.

Our route from WA state to NY. Over 4,000 miles

Our route from NY to VA. Over 600 miles

 All in all we have driven over 4,000 miles across this great country of ours. I show you this because it still amazes me that the almost 8 years I have been with my husband I have driven across this country and seen and met people from all over and its an amazing thing. It also makes me sad. It makes me sad because it makes me fully realize that I have done nothing with my life. 

When I was growing up my mom and grandmothers told me that I could do anything. If I wanted to make a living jumping off a building I could. I of course would never do that since I am VERY scared of heights (I get slightly freaked out when I walk up the gangway to get on the ship to visit my husband at work lol), but my families point was that whatever I could dream up to do as a job I could do it. So at the age of 29, having half of an Associates Degree, and having 3 majors I have finally decided what I want to do to contribute to this world and to my family, I want to go to cooking school, have my own little cooking school, help people learn about what kind of foods people are putting in their bodies and maybe have a restaurant once my husband is out of the Navy that makes all the dishes I make now and employs military spouses and veterans. 

A little bit ago I was talking about my love for cooking. Anyone that knows me knows that cooking for my husband and my friends makes me happy and it relaxes me. I also love passing down and teaching my fellow military spouses how to cook. I got to thinking, I want to do that for a living. I want  focus on teaching young kids and military spouses how to cook. I have had countless friends ask me to teach them how to cook and it just surprises me that people my age and a little bit younger have no idea how to cook. Then again it doesn't really surprise me. In this day and age our society is so go go go that instead of taking an hour or more to cook a meal we take 15 mins to stop at the nearest McDonalds. I want to change that. I want to offer the opportunity for families and individuals to be able to learn how to cook yummy and healthy meals just like my grandma and mother taught me. 

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