About Willow

Hi everyone I am Willow! 

About me
Not too much to say about me. I am originally from the great state of Washington State,I am an actress at heart,lover of volunteering, a navy wife, a student, a cook and a crafter. I fill many roles in this great life I have. I am a wife to my wonderful sailor husband, a cook, a member of the FRG for my husbands ship, a volunteer for Navy Wives Club of America, a student, a crafter, a scentsy consultant, and many more things.

Why this blog? 
Why have this blog you ask? Well I love to share this life with people and I know its just the internet but why not be able to share it with people all across the world. So as long as I can keep up with it I will be sharing the food I cook, the crafts I make and everything else that goes on in my life

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